Stop the Press! Nick Clegg in ‘lopsided cuts’ revelation

In a Guardian article published on Monday we were treated to a video of  Deputy PM Nick Clegg in all his glory, under the headline – “Tories making ‘monumental mistake’ with lopsided cuts”. Well now, I thought. Here’s another chance for young Nick to really distance himself from those nasty Tories in the run up to 2015. … Continue reading

Gove: “I am compassionate. Also, I want to be Prime Minister.”

“Thanks to the leadership shown by David Cameron, our party has a social philosophy imbued by the spirit of Sir Keith’s great work – consciously in the tradition of compassionate conservatism he incarnated. That is why I believe the best memorial we can erect to him is a society in which opportunity is more equal, the … Continue reading

The UK stands in defence of Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights. Except in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is nominally a Republic, and was referred to as such by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond in his statement to the House of Commons on 13th February 2013. There are “elections” periodically, but these are repressive affairs, where the terrorised and subjugated population select a new rubber-stamp parliament for the dictator, Karimov. Human rights organisations … Continue reading